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Ups and downs are shared around the table.

The table is the central point of your household, family and friends - eating, laughing, crying and celebrating is done around the table. The table is not just a wooden object; it is an addition to your household. We make these real wooden tables: unique of their kind, high quality and timeless. We produce these  sturdy tables with love, craftsmanship and lots of energy for you, but a bit for ourselves too, because we appreciate and embrace every table.

All our bases can be combined with all kinds of oak table tops. You can also order a table top on its own if you have a special base.

Would you like to check out that tough wood now? Pop in to our store, we look forward to helping you!


The search for old oak remains particularly attractive. We search Eastern Europe high and low for that special piece of wood. We bring back the finest old beams brimming with history and character from old farms, barns and former schools. Visible knots, veins and cracks; that is the condition of old unique oak.

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Do you like the very rough work less? We have the solution: robust oak. In other words a new oak table top that we have processed by the best professionals. They use the necessary equipment on this wood to transform it into a robust table top. The natural knots must be maintained and they only stop working until a satisfied smile appears on their face. Handmade through and through! And would you like a tree trunf finishing? No problem, just let us know.

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Ga je helemaal voor het gladde werk, dan hebben wij de stoere nieuw eiken tafel voor je in petto.

If you want smooth all over we have the tough new oak table for you.
This new oak table top goes through a large sander that ensures smoother finishing before the top is given a colour. It also remains sturdy because here too, the natural knots are (naturally) still present. We don't know 'smoothies'...

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Wood always moves to a certain extent, which depends on the air humidity in the surroundings. If the air humidity is much higher than 60% or lower than 40% or varies continuously this can lead to tears or cracks. Constant air humidity and a temperature of around 20 degrees is best for your furniture.

View here ow to care for oak.

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