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Buffelleer Station7

Echt leder

How is our buffalo leather furniture made??

The processing of the buffalo leather begins with cleaning, salting and splitting. Then the leather is tanned and after a drying period we receive the uncoloured leather at our factory.

Our colleagues then go to work to cut, stitch and fill the leather with a suitable and comfortable padding. The result of all those steps is for example the seat of a chair or armchair or a sofa cushion for a sofa.
To give the leather the desired colour it is rubbed with colour by hand. This unique colouring method ensures that the leather preserves its natural look. Colour differences cannot be prevented. You can request leather samples from us to give you a good idea of the colour. However, take a colour deviation due to the various colour nuances in the hide in mind. 

The natural markings remain visible and ensure that every piece of furniture gets a natural and strong look. After the colouring we apply a protective coating to ensure the furniture is protected against spills e.g., but also against exterior influences such as sunlight and scratches. We recommend not to place the furniture in direct sunlight.

Natural markings and creasing

Leather is made from animal hides. And because all animals are different, real leather furniture pieces are all different too. Even the leather of two identical chairs varies. The natural markings, which are visible on our leather furniture, are caused by insect bites, wrinkles, skin folds and healed scars. This makes our products unique; you can see the life that the buffalo led in your furniture as it were.

The leather of a new chair or sofa usually looks smooth. But that changes. Over time natural creases will be formed. By sitting on it you put pressure on the leather and you exude warmth. The padding of the cushions also becomes softer. The leather is more spaciously applied to prevent the stitching from tearing precisely for that reason.

During use, more stretch will occur naturally, which inevitably leads to creases. That too is a feature of a natural product such as leather.

Leather care

Care is very important for the leather natural product . Your leather furniture remains beautiful longer if you care for it well. Use the leather care kit 4 times a year on average. These are available in our showroom or from our website, click here to view the products.

Another 7 tips to enjoy your furniture for a long time:

  • Sunlight and various types of artificial light fade the leather. That's why you should not expose leather chairs to the direct effect of light. You can thus prevent that the material discolours and/or fades quickly.
  • Your pets' claws damage your furniture. Even the most robust types of leather cannot withstand that.
  • Too much heat dries out the natural leather fibres. Never place your leather chairs too close to heat sources. If you still have to place a sofa near a radiator, make sure there is enough space between the floor, radiator and chairs for the air to circulate properly and the moisture balance in the room and in the furniture is maximised as much as possible.
  • Ensure good air humidity.For living rooms we recommend an air humidity of 45-55%, the ideal temperature is between 18-22 degrees Celsius.
  • Never use aggressive substances on the leather. No turpentine, chlorine or other chemical substances.
  • Be careful with sharp objects on leather, like belts or zips. They can damage the leather.
  • Don't rub too hard if there is a stain on your furniture. Carefully remove the stain with a tissue and pat it clean with a damp, but certainly not too wet cloth.

Buffelleer Station7