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Industrial style leather armchairs

We offer an extensive collection of leather armchairs from high quality vintage buffalo leather. The leather has been hand coloured by our professionals, so you can continue to see the authenticity of the leather. The scars and scratches provide a beautiful vintage look, giving the armchairs a contemporary and unique character. Our hand-polished leather armchairs are available in eight colours (Army Green, Cuba, Camel, Light Brown, Cognac, Vintage Gray, Navy Sand and Tobacco) and with various stitching seams including rectangular stitched, horizontal stitched and Wieber. You can also choose from round or square frames.

Our hand buffed buffalo leather is new in the collection. This leather is treated in a special way at our Italian tannery after colouring and then buffed by hand. This traditional method produces a tough but chic look with a pleasant soft touch.
The collection is now also available in Velvet fabric. Velvet, also called "Velours" or "Velvet", is a fabric with a very luxurious look. Velvet fabric fits well in any rural, robust, sturdy or modern interior. Our velvet dining room chairs are available in different colours.

The quality of the leather armchairs

When you choose leather furniture, you want the very best. Quality can be found in the hand treatment of both the buffalo leather and the metal frame on which the furniture rests. At Station7.nl you choose colour, stitching and the best fitting armchair for your location. The materials used for the leather armchairs are extremely strong and also easy-care. An example is the metal frame of the armchairs; we have applied a powder-coated layer that gives the chair a sort of 'used look'.

Leather hocker

The leather hockers by Station7.nl are also available in various colours and match our leather armchairs perfectly. That way, you always choose the best fit for your living space. And if you can’t decide on the colour schemes in your interior; feel free to request a few colour samples and view everything again. If you are even more interested in our products, check out our leather bar stools!