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Jeans fabric by Station7

Jeans fabric consists of 100% cotton. The fabric consists of a fabric in which two yarn groups are perpendicular to each other. Due to the "stone wash finish" this fabric has an industrial and vintage look and every meter of fabric has a different unique aspect. Cotton is a very sturdy material and ventilates well when used. Do you want housing advice? This is of course also possible with Station7.

Jeans fabric care

It is important to regularly lightly brush the fabric. Always use a furniture brush and carefully brush in the direction of the pile / nap. When vacuuming always use a soft brush (furniture nozzle) and low suction power. Vacuum in the direction of the pile so the fabric is roughened as little as possible.

Are there any stains? Never let the stain dry. First remove the solid particles as much as possible with a spoon. Then immediately place a slightly damp terry towel on the stain and leave it for a few hours so that it can completely dissolve the stain.
Never rub the fabric / stain too hard.

Jeans stof Station7