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Industrial style wooden tables

Opt for a wooden table in your living / working space at Station7.nl and be guided by the personal step-by-step plan. Together we look at what best fits the space. You choose one of the 11 metal table legs, for example an X-leg, U-leg or A-leg. You choose a type of wood that suits you best and that you like best. We have new oak (sleek and modern look), robust oak (lived in with visible knots) or old oak (many visible knots with a natural look). You can choose from 5 colours: Brown Wash, Industrial Wash, Grey Wash, White Wash and Nature Wash. You can of course choose the dimensions and thickness of the table top. Our collection consists of industrial wooden dining tables, wooden bar tables and wooden coffee tables. We also offer industrial cabinets.

Tree trunk oak or old oak

We use European oak and all paints are water-based. The material retains its natural look through hand processing. The oak tree trunk is treated with steel brushes and then given an older look with gouges and planers. The look of the table edge, in which the sawn tree trunk can be seen, is particularly beautiful. Old oak is a real solid wood, in which the knots have clearly remained visible. All types of wood are treated for you in such a way that they are easy-care.

Table legs

Station7 offers a wide choice for the shape of the table legs. For example, you can choose an X shape, A shape or U shape.


Our wooden tables are available in different sizes. From 160 x 100 centimetres to 350 x 100 centimetres. Take into account a table height between 67 and 75 centimeters depending on the thickness of the table top that can vary from 4 to 8 centimetres. At Station7 you are assured of the best fitting table for your living / working space.