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General maintenance for our Buffalo Leathers

Taking care of your new leather products is very important. Since it is a natural product, your leather furniture will last the longest if you take proper care of it. Our leather experts advise you to use a maintenence kit for your leather products at least four times a year. 

Station7 offers two different types of leather kits: one for hand polished leather and one for hand buffed leather. These are available in our showroom or simply order the online on our website. Click here to view the products.

7 tips to help you enjoy your furniture for a long time:

  • Sunlight and various types of artificial light fade leather. Do not expose leather chairs to the direct effect of light. By doing so, you prevent the material from discolouring and/or fading quickly.
  • Pet claws damage your furniture. Even the most robust types of leather cannot withstand that.
  • Too much heat dries out natural leather fibres. Never place your leather chairs too close to heat sources. If it is necessary to place a sofa near a radiator, make sure there is enough space between the floor, radiator, and chair for the air to circulate properly. Also ensure that the moisture balance in the room is maximised.
  • Ensure good humidity. For living rooms, we recommend an air humidity of 45-55%. The ideal temperature is between 18-22 degrees Celsius.
  • Never use aggressive substances on the leather. No turpentine, chlorine or other chemical agents.
  • Be careful with sharp objects like belts or zippers on the leather. These can damage the leather.
  • If there is a stain on your furniture, do not rub it too hard. Carefully remove the stain with a tissue and pat it clean with a damp, but certainly not too wet cloth.

Oak care

The tables of Station7 are supplied in various colours and are treated with various stain colours. All are painted with a clear matte component paint. Care is limited to normal cleaning with a damp cloth. With old oak tables it may be necessary to remove crumbs etc. with a vacuum cleaner with a soft attachment. Never use an aggressive cleaning agent, this can cause the varnish to dissolve, causing stains to penetrate the wood. Also do not use any abrasive agents. It is important that wood can breathe, otherwise the wood can crack. Make sure that the wood is never covered for a long period with a plastic tablecloth e.g.. It is also important not to place hot objects, such as pans, directly onto the wood. This causes circles that cannot be removed. Wood discolours under the influence of daylight.

Metal care

Station7 only uses coated metal for its industrial furniture. Because of the treatment of the metal, the products do not need extra maintenance.